Why via Domain Names?
Domain Name Sales Funnel
Develop Additional Sources Of Customers
  • Authoritative Address. Comes with a competitive advantage: Credibility and Intrinsic Trust.
  • Memorable: Visitors will bypass the search engine remembering where the information is available.
  • Long Term Benefits: Visitors will bypass search engines, consequently competitor's Ads.
  • Suggested Focus: Invitation to contact you.
  • Save on Advertising. (1) See the example below (2) The traffic coming back to a site you own: you don't need to pay per click anymore.
You Can Use This
 Premium Domain Name To ...
  • Offer New Services.: To specific customers profiles/interests.
  • Test: A new product, service or market in a controlled environment.
  • New Territories: Develop a new territory with a unique proposition.
  • Raise Brand Awareness: Promote your Brand to a specific clientele.
  • Past or New Customer Offers: Make exclusive offers to past OR new customers.
  • Future Campaigns: Acquire prospect emails for a future campaign.
  • Contest: Create and manage a contest.
  • Educate: Educate customers while promoting your brand.
  • Invitation: Send special invitations to a new category of customers.
  • New Products: Launch a new product.
  • New Markets: More easily enter a new market if you aren't already a participant.
  • Leads for your core business: Acquire leads through this domain name. 
  • Etc.
Improve Your Advertising Cost.
Which Of The Following Ads Get Attention More Easily?
(The First Two Listings Are Actual Ads On Google.com)
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Lower Your Cost/Customer Acquisition.
  • No need to be the first advertiser on Google and pay full price.
  • Improve click ratio/impression because of the domain name.
  • Qualified clicks: Get clicks for interested visitors related to your ad message.
  • Improved conversion rate: Improve the customer process. Don't let him browse all over your website and consider visiting a competitor's website.
  • Improved Focus: Use a domain name to deliver only one clear message to your best prospects and remove the typical clutter typical of a website.
Best Practices
Here is a sample of a few leaders
and the additional websites they own.
Audible.com  |  Clothing.com  |  Fabric.com  |  Goodreads.com  |  Zappos.com  |  WholeFoodsMarket.com  |  and more...
FastAccess.com  |  Mobile.com  |  WebHosting.com
Auctions.com  |  Builder.com  |  Buying.com  |  Computers.com  |  Gaming.com  |  Help.com  |  Kids.com  |  Marketplace.com  |
News.com  |  Radio.com  |  Search.com  |  Shopper.com  |  Store.com  |  TV.com  |  and more...
Citi group
Finance.com  |  Mortgage.com  |  StudentLoan.com
Condé Nast
Brides.com  |  Concierge.com  |  Glamour.com  |  Gourmet.com  |  Style.com
Go.com  |  Family.com  |  Kid.com  |  Video.com
HomeAway.com  |  Hotels.com  |  Hotwire.com  |  Trivago.com  |  Trover.com
401k.com  |  Funds.com  |  Retire.com
Getty Image
FreeImages.com  |  iStockPhoto.com  |  Photos.com

Asthma.com  |  Bipolar.com  |  ColdSore.com  |  Depression.com  |  Diabetes.com  |  Heartburn.com  |  Reflux.com  |
SkinInfection.com  |  ToothBrush.com
Motorcycles.com  |  Scooter.com
Over 150 Brands. Visit their website to see their list.
Banking.com  |  Payroll.com
Johnson & Jonhson
Baby.com | Cancer.com | Cholesterol.com | GetWell.com | Hepatisis.com | Obesity.com | Pregnancy.com |
Beverages.com  |  Bologna.com | Dessert.com | Dinners.com | EatingHealthy.com | LowFat.com | Mayonnaise.com  |
Pickles.com |  Puddings.com  |  Sauces.com
Cavities.com  |  Clean.com | Condition.com | Conditioner.com | DentalCare.com | Dentures.com | Dishes.com  |
Laundry.com |  Nails.com  |  ShowerGel.com  |  Tissue.com  |  Toothpaste.com  |  Towels.com
Data.com  |  Database.com  |  Desk.com  |  Force.com  |  Site.com  |  Social.com  |  Work.com
Eat.com  |  PeanutButter.com  |  Sauce.com  |  Softener.com  |  Soup.com  |  Surf.com
The majority of businesses have only one site.
Most Famous brands have many.

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